Raising children is not cheap, so it’s good to know about every little bit of financial help there is out there – and there is quite a bit. Our office team have become very familiar with the range of subsidies available.

A Nanny in Your Home from $6.50 an Hour

When families enrol with Nurture they can receive a number of subsidies. Depending on a family’s income, number of children, and number of care hours per week, the total package becomes subsidised to well below a nanny’s pay rate. 

In early 2015 a survey of Nurture Families showed that 1 in 6 families (16%) were paying less than $6.50 per hour net for their nannies. Approximately half were paying less than $11.00 per hour. A nanny can be truly affordable for many families; it is no longer just for the “rich and famous” and provides many other benefits for families and their children.

What Subsidies are Available?

There are basically 5 types of subsidy:

The 20 ECE hours for 3 and 4 year olds. Every child is entitled to this. The 20 ECE hours can be claimed for up to 6 hours each day. These can be claimed with either home based or centre based care, but not both, and the total cannot exceed 20 hours per week. This subsidy is not means tested.

Every family in the care of our service qualifies for our Nurture Resource Subsidy. The value is a minimum of $1.00 per child per hour but is more in certain circumstances. This subsidy is paid by Nurture to help assist with care and education. It helps pay the nanny wage. Twins and triplets receive substantially more than the $1.00 per child per hour minimum and the rate varies depending on geographical location.

Any family with working parents on a family total pre tax income below $1800 per week can claim. The value of the subsidy depends on numbers of children and income level. This subsidy is paid to working parent(s) for 9 hours per child per week. The hourly rate depends on the number of children in care and the income of the family. Currently subsidies are available for any family with a weekly pre tax income below $1800. For more details visit Work and Income's website or talk to our staff. This subsidy cannot be claimed for the same hours as the 20 ECE, ie it must be over and above.

Every family with either twins and an older preschool sibling or triplets qualify for many hundreds of care hours. The Work and Income Multiple Birth Home Help subsidy is available to help families of multiples with the cost of employing a Nanny. This benefit is not means tested. New Zealand citizens or permanent resident are eligible if they have given birth to twins or adopted twins and have another child under the age of five years old, or have given birth to or have adopted triplets, or higher order multiples.

Parents of twins can get 240 hours, to be used within 12 months. Those who have given birth to triplets or more are entitled to 1560 hours, to be used within 24 months. Home help is granted from the date that the babies are born if they are born at home, or from the date that they are discharged from the hospital. Visit NZMBA's website for more details.

By engaging with Nurture the Home Help hours can be extended significantly from this baseline. To find out more, call the office.

If your preschool child qualifies for a disability allowance they will automatically qualify for a childcare subsidy. Work and Income may be able to help with assistance towards childcare costs if all of these points apply to you:

  • you’re the main caregiver of a child with a disability
  • your family is on a low or middle income
  • you’re a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • your child has at least three hours of care a week.

There are different conditions and requirements that apply before assistance can be given. Visit Work and Income's website for more details.

Most families qualify for at least one subsidy, so ring  today on 0800 936 878 to find out your entitlement!

Does this sound like your Family?