Matching a Carer

Matching a Nanny or Educator

We take great care in matching a nannies and educators with families. Our process consists of:

  • Step 1

    You are considering employing a nanny. You register your interest with us. You consider the following: How many children will the nanny or educator care for and for how many hours per day/week. Will the nanny or educator be involved in transporting children? What strengths are you looking for in a nanny or educator and what are you prepared to pay?

  • Step 2

    We consider which nannies or educators from our employment pool may meet your needs and suit your family situation along with checking their availability. We then provide you with a shortlist. You then consider things like; will this nanny or educator fit in with my family, including my home language, dietary commitments and religious beliefs? Will I be happy having this person in my home?

  • Step 3

    You then contact the nannies or educators from your shortlist and interview them. We coach you towards a successful interview, including job descriptions that are compatible with our service.

  • Step 4

    Once you have an idea of which nanny or educator you want, we guide you towards making an offer of employment. If you cannot find a suitable nanny at this point we recheck our pool for any other suitable nannies or educators or new ones who have become available recently. We may also advertise your position and then process new nannies or educators for you to interview.

  • Step 5

    We coach you through the employment process, including interviews, selection, and appropriate communication. If you prefer to employ your nanny or educator without our assistance that is fine too. If you already have someone in mind they will need to complete some paperwork along with police checks, as obtaining and maintaining a current First Aid certificate.

  • Step 6

    We provide you with employment contract templates, which you may use to finalise arrangements with your nanny or educator. You then both agree on a start date.

  • Ongoing

    Our Nurture team, including your assigned Mentoring Teacher, are always on hand to help make sure the employment journey is a happy and successful one for both you and your nanny or educator.

Family Educators

We offer the option of using a Family Educator. A Family Educator is a friend or relative who donates their time to your family to help care for your child or children. They have a strong vested, long-term, interest in your children and they require no cash outlay from you.

 If this sounds like someone you know, you may qualify for our Koha Resource Subsidy. Provided you engage fully with our service, you will be allocated resource vouchers. These are sent out monthly, and consist of petrol vouchers for your Family Educator, and your choice of vouchers from Farmers or the Warehouse. In many situations, depending on the number of children and hours, the value of vouchers shared can exceed $100 per month.

As well as the Koha Resource Subsidy you also receive all the awesome benefits of being a Nurture Family such as: monthly playgroups; invitations to excursions; support from your Mentoring Teacher; use of our book and CD resources; and access to in house professional development.

A Family Educator must be at least 17 years old; have or be willing to obtain a First Aid Certificate; abide by Nurture policies and programmes, including Police checks; keep good educational records for the children (with teacher support); and be available for the monthly visit from their Mentoring Teacher.

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