Help for Parents of Multiples - A Free Nanny Anyone?

You could be eligible for a free nanny by using your subsidy entitlement cleverly.

The Home Help subsidy for triplets, or twins born with an older preschool sibling, is very worthwhile, amounting to hundreds of hour’s entitlement. When you enrol your children with Nurture you qualify for the Nurture Resource Subsidy. Claiming this, along with other funding used to pay for your nanny, can make the hours stretch almost twice as far. In addition, we administer the wages for you! In some cases you can employ a nanny for very little cost, or even free!

But it’s not just about more hours; it’s about what a nanny can do for your children and therefore your family. Time and again our families tell us just how wonderful their Nurture Nanny has been and how much they contribute to the family. Getting to know the children and having a vital interest in their wellbeing and education makes your Nurture Nanny a real family favourite.

Employing a Nurture Nanny is easy. We take the stress and guess work out of the process. Right from the start we guide you through the process. We can help select a great nanny for you and assist with the employment process. We can also assist, and fund, the period before your nanny starts work if you have a friend or relative helping in those tender early days.

What you will Receive

  • Nanny Placement

    Getting the right nanny is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Our highly skilled team can guide you all the way through the process, and will present you with a short list of hand-picked nannies. All Nurture Nannies are police vetted. We provide you with a choice of Nannies that we select for you based on the information that you provide us with regarding your needs for your children, your family dynamics and your culture. All of our nannies have childcare experience. Once you have selected your nanny we assist you, as the employer, with the necessary paperwork.

  • Nurture Groups

    Nurture Groups and events run monthly at a variety of locations. They range from regular play groups to excursions such as gym groups, fire station visits and zoo trips. All Nurture Children are invited to these excursions.

  • Option of Family Educator

    Do you have a friend or relative helping to care for your children? You will both qualify for funding assistance, provided you participate in our learning programme. Call or use the contact form and our office staff will let you know how much per month you can receive either in a cash payment or vouchers of your choice.  Depending on the amount of children, this amount can be up to $300 per month.

  • No Placement Fees

    The process of shortlisting and interviewing nannies suitable to your family is no small feat!  All nannies undergo reference checks, Police Vetting checks. There is no charge for this service providing the family are enrolling with Nurture.

  • Educational Support

    Nannies are able to use our educational book and CD resources as well as access our in-house professional development programme. A journal recording your children's interests and learning is maintained. An informative newsletter sent out every term, and our Facebook page will keep you up to date with the Nurture Community.

  • Funding Support

    We are able to access a range of funding including 20 ECE hours, Work and Income Subsidies and Multiple Birth Home Help. All families receive a Nurture Subsidy which is only available from Nurture Nannies. Financial assistance is also available for nannies to gain their First Aid Certificate.

  • Qualified ECE Teacher Support

    Mentoring Teachers visit on a monthly basis during care hours. They provide support for your nanny, and encourage education tailored to children’s learning styles and interests.  Our teachers will often bring supplies of books and toys, which the family can borrow. There is always a Mentoring Teacher on call in case of emergencies.

Matching a Nanny

Finding the perfect nanny for your family is a top priority. Some families choose to find their own nanny, or use a relative while others ask us look for them. All of our nannies have undertaken an extensive interview process. We carry out reference checks as well as police checks. When placing a nanny we will take into consideration your family culture and beliefs as well as your children’s individual needs. Many of our nannies have been with us for years, and come highly recommended by the families they have previously been employed by.

 The intricate process of matching a nanny starts the moment you phone us. Our amazing office staff listen to the information you provide in regards to the kind of nanny you are looking for and will assist you to determine the priorities for your children and your family. We then offer two to three nannies for you to interview. Once you have made an offer of employment to your chosen nanny we will assist you with the paperwork.

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